Dan & Jan Karney

Clockwise from top left: ● Casal Ristorante. Tuscany, April 2010 ● CD recording session, June 2010 ● Bistro at Our Town, Exton, PA, August 2011 ● Café Beignet, New Orleans, March, 2013 ● Ann Arbor, July, 2013 ● M/S Rossia, Volga River, September 2013

About Jan and Dan

• We began performing together as teenagers.

• Jan was a voice major at Michigan State University and taught music in public schools for over 35 years.

• Dan majored in broadcast production at Michigan State. He started as a voice major, but that required proficiency on the piano, so fuhgedaboudit!

• During college years, they were on the road almost weekly doing concerts.

• Dan held several different tenor soloist jobs in various churches beginning while in high school and continuing through college.

• Also performed as tenor soloist for many oratorios. No count kept, but enough that he had to buy a set of tails (since outgrown).

• Jan and Dan enjoyed three memorable years in the DC area. Jan taught music in the McLean, VA school system, while Dan was a soloist in The U. S. Army Chorus — an affiliation which found him singing in many prestigious and well-known venues from coast to coast as well as all the national broadcast networks.

• In 2010, we did a little CD release tour including a stop at a Barnes and Noble in Lansing, MI. The manager, upon looking at our repertoire, used “Timeless Tunes” to describe us. We liked the phrase and promptly appropriated it.